If you decided to have your wedding in the near future, then start preparations for it, step by step.


1. Set the wedding date and the wedding budget.

2. Sign up on WeddingArmenia.com, fill the wedding planning tool. Then the coordinators of the company will reply to you and suggest a wedding package appropriate to your budget.

3. After that will be a Skype call during which will be discussed all details about wedding.

4. After coming to the agreement between two sides, choose the vendors and pre book the place for the ceremony not later than 3 months before the wedding date.

5. Check the guests’ list. During the wedding preparations the guests’ list may be changed, but for the restaurant booking you need to know the approximate number of guests.

6. If you’re from abroad, the company can offer you pre wedding packages, which includes a visit to Armenia before the wedding, and company’s experienced team will meet you at the airport, provide you with an appropriate transportation and transfer you to that hotel, which you have already chosen and pre-booked.

7. Choose and buy the wedding rings.

8. Choose and order the wedding dress and accessories, as well as the suit and accessories for the groom. If you plan to loose a little weight before the wedding, buy the dress after doing that, so you won’t have to alter it then.

9. Choose the Civilian registrar for the official ceremony of marriage registration and church for church ceremony and apply for it, in advance. It is desirable to apply to the Civilian registrar and church with a certain date.

10. Send wedding invitations: by mail, handed personally, or just tell your guests about the wedding date. We recommend you to notify your guests about your wedding in advance so everyone will be free on that day.

11. Appointment with photographers, florists, decorators, artists. It is desirable to determine the style of your wedding and show program in advance.

12. Choose and hire a wedding photographer and a cameraman. Make an appointment to them to discuss your wishes about shooting.

13. Transportation. It is desirable to approve the guests’ list and rent a transport with a certain number of seats.

14. Decide what kind of wedding dance and music you would like to be in your wedding. You can start rehearsing at home or begin to attend to dancing classes to the professional choreographer.

15. Hire musicians or DJ. Music colors the whole ceremony, so be careful in choice of music.

16. Discuss all the questions on bird’s bouquet and flower decoration with the florist.

17. Choose the hairdresser and makeup artist. It will be perfect, if you sign up for rehearsal before the wedding to decide if your hairstyle and makeup really suit you.

18. Choose the confectioner and order a wedding cake. Pre-verify in the restaurant if there is an opportunity to keep the cake there, if it would bring in advance.

19. Prepare cards with the names of the guests for the placement of the tables. Guests should be seated so that everyone feels himself/herself comfortable.

20. Distribute duties at the wedding. Decide who will help the bride with preparations, meet and show guests their seats, etc. It would be desirable that it will be a wedding planner.

21. Inform guests about the dress code, but do it in advance. Sew dresses for the bridesmaids a long time before the wedding.

22. Write and print wedding program and give them to everyone (guests and vendors) who are involved in organizing of the celebration. Do this in advance, so that everyone has time to prepare.

23. Contact with your wedding planner and with all vendors to schedule time of their arrival. Write down all contacts, and together with a timetable give to the wedding planner so that she can control everything.


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